Saada: Two dead and wounded by Saudi army fire and the explosion of a bomb left over from the aggression

Two citizens were killed and another citizen was injured, Sunday, with the fire of the Saudi army, a bomb left behind from the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression exploded in Saada governorate.

A medical source confirmed the arrival of the bodies of Ibrahim Al-Murshidi and Salem Al-Houti to the Republican Hospital in the city of Saada, after they were killed by the fire of the Saudi border guards in Al-Raqu area of Munabbih border district.

The source also confirmed that a citizen was seriously injured when a bomb left behind from the aggression exploded in Al Salem area of ​​Kitaf district in Saada.

The source condemned the daily crimes against citizens in the border areas by the fire of the Saudi border guards and the artillery and missile shelling of the Saudi army in addition to the explosion of bombs left by the aggression in the province.

A citizen was wounded this morning by the Saudi army’s fire in Shada border district.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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