The Supreme Judicial Council condemns the intentional disruption of Hajj pilgrimage by the Saudi regime

The Supreme Judicial Council held its weekly meeting, today, Monday, headed by the head of the Council, Judge Ahmed Yahya Al-Mutawakel.

At the meeting, the Council condemned the Saudi regime’s ban on performing Hajj for the second year in a row, which prevented the Grand Mosque and hindered Muslims from performing this obligation, and this is nothing but a service to the enemies of the nation.

The council discussed the situation of the courts and prosecutions in Marib governorate and the damage and disruption caused by the brutal aggression to judicial work in all districts of the governorate.

A number of proposals were discussed within the framework of activating the role of the judiciary in the governorate, and the Council assigned the Judicial Inspection Authority to submit the necessary proposals to the next meeting.

The Council settled a number of grievances filed by some court judges in accordance with the law.

The Council agreed to file a disciplinary case and refer it to the accounting Council against a member of the Public Prosecution for violating job duties in accordance with the law.

The Council discussed a number of topics on its agenda, took the necessary decisions, and approved the minutes of its previous meeting after making some amendments to it.

تليقرام انصار الله
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