Hamas Urges Massive Al-Aqsa Rallies to Nullify Flag March by Israeli Settlers

The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has called on all Palestinians to stage a massive rally at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Tuesday in an attempt to prevent an upcoming provocative parade by far-right Israeli settlers in Jerusalem al-Quds.

Hamas spokesman Mohamed Hamada said on Sunday, “Let’s make next Tuesday a day of rallying and marching towards the al-Aqsa Mosque and a day of anger and defiance against the Israeli occupation.”

The so-called March of the Flags was originally planned to be held on May 10, but Israeli right-wing groups scrapped the controversial parade after police refused to authorize it, and Hamas warned of the consequences.

The organizers of the march say they reached an agreement with Israeli police on Friday to let the show roll on Tuesday. According to their statement, the march would begin at HaNevi’im St. and head toward Damascus Gate, where settlers would hold a flag-waving procession.

Source: Press TV

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