Two citizens killed by Saudi border guards’ fire in Munabbih in Saada

Today, Thursday, two citizens were killed by Saudi army fire in Munabbih district of Saada governorate.

A local source explained that the border guards targeted civilians in Al-Raqq area of Munabbih border district with automatic weapons, which led to the death of two citizens.It noted that the Saudi army, during the past few days, had intensively targeted civilians, which led to the death and injury of dozens.

The source condemned the daily crimes committed by the Saudi army against citizens in the border villages. Yesterday, a citizen was injured in Shada district, and a citizen was killed in Munabbih district, and another was wounded in Shada district on Tuesday.

And the brutal US-Saudi-Emirati aggression launched today an air raid on Al-Zaher district of Saada governorate.

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