A Palestinian dead, south of Nablus, due to being shot by the Zionist enemy

The boy, Ahmed Zahi Daoud Bani Shamsa, 16, from the town of Beita, Nablus district, died Thursday morning as a result of being shot in the head by the Zionist enemy soldiers, on Wednesday evening, during struggle activities on Sabih Mount .

The loudspeakers in the mosques of Beta mourned the boy, Ahmed Zahi, the fourth dead to be killed by enemy bullets during a month in the town that confronted the settlement on Sabih.

The boy, Zahi, was wounded by a bullet of this type in the head, on Wednesday evening, after which he was transferred to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus, where he was operated on, but he remained in a critical condition inside the intensive care room until his death was announced at dawn.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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