Al-Sarkhah (the cry)… The freedom chant and the victory project

Al-Sarkhah project (Allah is great, death to America, death to Israel, curse on the Jews, victory for Islam), launched by the leader martyr Sayyed Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, was not an intellectual luxury, nor an absurd act, but rather a necessity imposed by the decadent reality of the nation, and confirmed by the values of the true Islamic religion, and the principles of tolerant humanity. Freedom is sacred even to animals, and living with dignity and pride is a legitimate right guaranteed by all heavenly laws, human laws and constitutions, and self-protection and defense from the oppression of the oppressors and the frivolity of the reckless are a divine instinct that Allah has deposited in all of his creation, and has prepared for it the means to be achieved.

The life with the repression, oppression, and humiliation fences, virtue of racism and vice, and the lofty and affair of authoritarianism, oppression and arrogance, and that without freedoms and rights, justice, equality, and all the attributes of good, is a life rejected by everyone, and only acceptable to the most despicable people, who went against their religion, principles, values and identity.

When we review the reality of the nation and to which extent of humiliation, oppression and losses at all levels it has reached, we will see that this reality cannot be tolerated by any faithful and conscious person, regardless of his condition and level, and no matter what problems and difficulties he encountered. On the political level, its enemies from the Americans, the Israelis and others worked on changing its reality to guarantees them complete control over us, and weaken us and bring us to the brink of collapse by creating a dire political reality full of problems engulfed in disputes, crises and conflicts, so that we cannot build ourselves and our reality, nor to solve our problems and crises.

The enemy also targets the media through transforming the activity of many media professionals within the nation to serve its interests. They tamed and misled it and justified its attitudes, policies and practical paths in exploiting and controlling it. They also covered up and falsified the facts, and created a wrong vision among it and a wrong and stupid view towards all the movements of this enemy. This deception affected the attitudes of the nation, and helped to tie it up and deviate it from its correct paths in its attitudes and practical projects.

For the cultural side, it is the most targeted one. In many Arab countries, the enemy has sought to control schools and school and university curricula, and to negatively influence many teachers’ opinions and ideas and what they present to their students , in a way that establishes in them loyalty and sincerely to the American and the Israeli, and keeps them away from everything from It would create awareness and light for this nation and a correct understanding of it towards its reality and its enemies. It also dominated the religious discourse, choosing evil and misguided religious scholars who worked for it, so they tamed the nation for it, and justified its policies and stances against it, and issued fatwas permissibility of killing its children .They also underestimated the danger of this enemy upon it, but presenting it as a blessing from Allah to this nation for the destruction of its countries and the killing of its sons, as came on the tongues of many takfir scholars of who write the fatwa that suits the puppet authorities of America.

For the economic level, the enemies of the nation have taken control of all its wealth and potential, and have turned us in our economic reality into a mere consumer market for their products. Therefore, we have become a nation within which production, exploitation, and benefiting from its bounties and wealth have been disrupted. They have also imposed on us poor, miserable and wretched, economic policies that depend entirely on interest and on imports, and on wrong administrative policies that have resulted in unemployment, waste, misery and hardship on a large and large scale, which has contributed to the emergence of social and economic problems, selling conscience, morals, loyalties and attitudes, and subservience in favor of the enemies.

He also enlisted many of the sons of this nation as fighters and used them as human shields in his battles, whether inside this nation as he did and does today in many Arab countries, or outside, as he did in his war against the Russians in Afghanistan. He fought his battle with the Soviet Union at that time with fighters and recruits from the sons of the nation, and with money paid from the wealth of this nation, paid at that time by Arab regimes, led by the Saudi regime.

Therefore, in all fields and directions, he sought comprehensive control over us. He wanted us and everything in our hands to be under his control, and to be the one in control of all the affairs of our lives. When you sacrifice everything for the benefit of your enemy, that leads to religiously, economically, politically, socially, militarily humiliation, surrender, , and bankruptcy, and at all levels.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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