Scenes of a heroic operation during the siege against a group of Yemeni army, popular committees in Al-Jawf front

Today, Friday, the military media distributed heroic scenes of one of the Yemeni army and popular committees while rescuing his wounded brothers who were trapped in one of the military sites in Al-Maraziq front in Al-Jawf.

The scenes documented the heroic operation carried out by the dead Abu Fadel Tomer during his attempt to break the siege on his fellow in Al-Dhaiza in Maraziq front and to take the wounded to safe places, where the road was surrounded by the enemy fire from all sides, but he Abu Fadel insisted on removing the wounded.

The first attempt in which the dead Abu Fadel used a military armored vehicle that enabled him to reach the besieged ones and provide them with equipment and take their wounded. During the return with the wounded, the armored vehicle was damaged, but he was able to deliver it to a safe place

Abu Fadel continued the process of exhuming the wounded, independent the second time of an ordinary military crew and was able to pass the enemy’s fire to reach the wounded and during the return the enemy bullets rained down on him, but his insistence led to the arrival of the wounded to safe places despite the enemy’s ability to damage the military vhicle .

In the third time, he got into another car to continue the operation of rescuing the wounded, and as soon as he reached close to them, the enemy’s fire hit his car, but he got off and continued walking while being wounded, but the enemy’s fire fell on him from all sides ,killing him .

After that, the army and the popular committees carried out a large-scale operation in the same area, and within hours they were able to completely clear Al-Deiha area.

تليقرام انصار الله
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