Ansarollah’s Political Bureau condemns the US aggression on the Iraqi-Syrian border

The Political Bureau of Ansarollah expressed its strong condemnation and rejection of the blatant American aggression that targeted the Iraqi-Syrian border at dawn today, Monday, which led to the killing a number of the defenders stationed there.

It clarified in a statement that this American attack comes within the framework of the air support supporting its criminal tools called Al-Qaeda and ISIS, which clearly proves the extent of the close link between these criminal individuals and the United States of America and its destructive projects aimed at plunging Iraq and Syria into these dark projects and enabling their control on the capabilities and wealth of these peoples and the occupation of their countries.

It praised the strong official or popular Iraqi stances in the face of the projects of the Great Satan represented in America and its protégé, “Israel”.

The Political Bureau extended its deepest condolences to the popular crowd, the families of the heroic dead, and the Iraqi people.

He stressed that these American criminal attacks will only increase the strength and solidity of the Iraqi people, and that these attacks confirm the correctness of the line along which the Iraqi people are proceeding, which is the project of liberation and independence in defense of their land and dignity until the great victory of expelling the occupation from all Iraqi countries is achieved.

قد يعجبك ايضا