The Ministry of Electricity and the Oil Company denounce the silence of the United Nations regarding maritime piracy on fuel ships

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy and the Yemeni Oil Company organized a stand in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a, denouncing maritime piracy and the continued detention of fuel ships by the US-Saudi aggression coalition.

The Minister of Electricity Ahmed Al-Ali considered the continued detention of oil derivatives ships at sea as a blatant attack on international norms and conventions that criminalize harming the livelihood of civilians and compounding their suffering.

He held the United Nations fully responsible for the continued detention of fuel ships, which has exacerbated the humanitarian situation.

He referred to what the Yemeni people are facing from the air, land and sea blockade, brutal aggression and arbitrary practices represented in piracy on fuel, food and medicine ships.

The Minister of Electricity and Energy pointed out that the detention of oil ships is one of the factors that greatly affected the electricity sector in Yemen, indicating that electricity generation has decreased since the beginning of the aggression from 87 percent to rates that do not exceed 10 percent.

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