Scenes from inside Al-Wadeah camp while it was targeted by ten drones realsed

Today, Thursday, the military media of the army and the popular committees released qualitative scenes of the operation of targeting a camp of the mercenaries of the aggression in Al-Wadeah with 10 Qasef 2k planes, moments of launching the marches and scenes from inside the camp.

On the 24th of last June, the armed forces carried out a qualitative and surprising operation on a training camp of the Saudi aggression in Al-Wadiah border area, and the armed forces targeted the command center, training sites, mobilization sectors and operations inside the camp.

The armed forces launched the qualitative operation with ten locally-made Qasef 2K drones, on the camp, which is located north of Hadhramaut governorate and on the border with Saudi Arabia.

The spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, explained that the operation was carried out with ten Qasef 2K drones and targeted the command center, training sites, crowd sectors and other sites inside the camp.

He stressed that the injuries were accurate, indicating that the operation resulted in the death and injury of more than 60 mercenaries of the aggression, including commanders, in addition to the killing of a number of Saudi officers.

Sources indicated that the operation targeted the camp used by the Saudi aggression to receive and train fighters after mobilizing them from all governorates and sending them to multiple fronts, including the border fronts where the Saudi aggression is fighting with thousands of Yemeni mercenaries. The Saudi border, managed and supervised by the Saudi aggression coalition through Saudi officers.

He confirmed that the camp belongs to the so-called Fifth Military Region of the mercenaries, which is fighting in Midi and Haradh in Hajjah governorate.

Sources had confirmed that field hospitals in Al-Wadeah were filled with dead and wounded who were killed in the aggressive camp.

Documenting the process of targeting Al-Wadeah camp reveals the combat development of our armed forces in carrying out specific operations by drones and documenting them at points far from the launch sites.

What is striking in the statement of Brigadier General Saree’ is that such an operation is documented in a camp where Saudi officers are present. It is normal for the places where the occupation forces are located to be more fortified and protected from intrusions, but determing time for the gathering of Saudi mercenaries and officers , as well as identifying sensitive places in the camp, with high accuracy, indicates the extent to which the forces of aggression have reached in terms of weakness, collapse, loss of control over their mercenaries, and the futility of their military and security plans at the same time.

Moreover, filming the operation gives it another more vital dimension, because of this has great repercussions on the forces of aggression and the consequent actions that the occupying forces will take on changing the strategy, examining all its mercenaries and ensuring their loyalty to them, in addition to the material costs and other consequences of moving the camp to elsewhere.

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