More than 92 dead and wounded as a result of the Saudi attacks on Al-Raqqa in Saada

The Director General of Health and Population in Saada governorate, Yahya Shayem, announced that the statistics of dead in Al-Raqq area in Munabbih border district as a result of the repeated Saudi attacks amounted to more than twelve dead and more than eighty wounded, including children and more than ten African immigrants.

Chaim explained to Al Masirah TV that the statistic is increasing because the bombing continues daily, and the emergency health facilities are overcrowded with victims.

He pointed out that the daily bombing and casualties occur under the watchful eye of the organizations, and they did not provide anything in this regard.

Chaim said: The world knows that Yemen is witnessing a severe siege unprecedented in history, and this has affected the provision of health services because the devices need fuel to operate, and this has caused deaths.

He added that: The organizations proved their failure in light of the aggression and the siege, and it was relied upon to play their humanitarian role as humanitarian and international organizations.

Chaim continued, saying: The humanitarian aspect has nothing to do with wars, and it is assumed that it will be neutralized and that humanitarian work will continue normally, especially in the field of health services, which is a way to save people’s lives, especially since airports are closed to the sick and injured by the bombing of the aggression.

He stressed that despite our request to international organizations and informing them of the suffering, there is a certain degree of deliberateness and a great deal of contempt on the part of international organizations regarding the continued suffering of Yemenis.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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