The aggression violates the truce agreement and launches air strikes on Hodeidah

Today, Sunday, the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression committed a flagrant violation of the truce agreement on the Hodeidah fronts.

A security source explained that the aggression warplanes launched two air raids on Al-Arj area in Bajil district in a repeated violation of the Sweden agreement, noting that the aggression launched two raids yesterday on Al-Salif district.

The source condemned the flagrant violation of the Sweden agreement by the forces of aggression, which came in light of the presence of the UN Committee to monitor the implementation of the agreement, stressing that the forces of aggression must bear the consequences of such violations.

It is worth noting that the forces of aggression committed more than 119 breaches during the past 24 hours, including the creation of combat fortifications in Al Jabaliya and Al Faza, the flight of 6 warplanes over the city, Al Mandhar, Kilo 16 and Saleef, 11 spy planes over Al Tuhayta, Al Faza, Al Jabalia, and Kilo 16, and 83 breaches with various bullets.

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