Al-Wade’ah military operation carried terrifying messages for the aggression

The qualitative scenes distributed last week by the military media for the operation of targeting a camp of the Saudi-led aggression mercenaries in al-Wade’ah with 10 Qasef 2k planes carried multiple messages and indications in terms of timing and importance.

This surprise military operation demonstrated the superiority of military industrialization and the high and superior capabilities of the Yemeni army, which competed and surpassed the global technology of the major countries.

In addition, documenting of the process reveals the combat development of the Yemeni armed forces in carrying out quality operations by drones at points far from launch places.

Among the messages carried by this military operation in the al-Wade’ah is the ability of the Yemeni armed forces to reach any place where the forces of aggression and mercenaries gather, as well as the ability to monitor and photograph the arrival of missiles and drones which represents a psychological war beside the military side and the losses they sustained.

The military media’s broadcast of those scenes at this time sent a strong ballistic message to the forces of the US-Saudi aggression, especially after the great collapse and frustration of the Saudi army and its mercenaries over the large-scale Jizan operation.

Documenting such an operation in the camp of the Saudi officers’ presence reveals the fragility of the fortifications, the ease of penetration, the weakness and collapse of the forces of aggression, the loss of their control over their mercenaries, and the ineffectiveness of their military and security plans at the same time.

In conclusion, one of the important messages of this operation that it proved the change in the balance of war and the equations of strategic deterrence in favor of the armed forces of Yemen, especially after the intransigence of the forces of the Zionist-American, Saudi-Emirati aggression and their persistence in the brutal crime and siege against the Yemeni people.

Saudi Arabia’s facilities, airports, companies and camps will remain accurate targets for the Yemeni army, and it will have to bear the consequences, and the coming is tougher and more grievous.

The military media of the army and the popular committees had released qualitative scenes of the operation of targeting a camp of the mercenaries of the aggression in al-Wade’ah with 10 Qasef 2k planes, moments of launching the marches and scenes from inside the camp.

On the 24th of last June, the armed forces carried out a qualitative and surprising operation on a training camp of the Saudi aggression in al-Wade’ah border area, and the armed forces targeted the command center, training sites, mobilization sectors and operations inside the camp.

The armed forces launched the qualitative operation with ten locally-made Qasef 2K drones, on the camp, which is located north of Hadhramaut governorate and on the border with Saudi Arabia.

The spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, explained that the operation was carried out with ten Qasef 2K drones and targeted the command center, training sites, crowd sectors and other sites inside the camp.

Resource:  ansarollah website.

تليقرام انصار الله
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