13 air strikes hit Marib, Sa’ada and Hajjah, 114 violations recorded in Hodeida

US-Saudi aggression warplanes launched 13 air raids on various areas of Marib, Saada and Hajjah provinces night.

The US-Saudi aggression air force carried out three raids on the districts of Kitaf, Al-Zahir and Al-Safra in Saada, and a raid on Haradh district in Hajjah, a security source said.

In Marib, nine raids were waged on the directorates of Madgal, Raghwan and Majzar, the source added.

The aggression forces also carried out 114 violations of the UN-brokered ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province, a military source at the Operation Room to monitor the violations in Hodeida said.

The source added the aggression forces waged 3 raids on al-Jabaliya area.

He pointed out 6 spy planes flew over al-Tuhaita, al-Faza, al-Jah and al-Jabaliya areas.

The aggression forces committed 15 violations of 140 shells and 92 of various bullets.

تليقرام انصار الله
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