Yemeni official: The closure of Sana’a airport cuts off drug imports

The Director of the Supreme Authority for Medicines confirmed that the closure of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression on Sana’a airport cut off drug imports to Yemen.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Ghaili said in a statement to Al-Masira TV today that the closure caused a cut in imports of medicines that require special and fast transport conditions, and the most important percentage of them are concerned with chronic and critical diseases.

For his part, head of the inventory department at the Supreme Authority for Medicines, Dr. Ibrahim Yahya, explained that the continuation of the US blockade on Yemen is causing a health disaster that amounts to a crime against humanity.

He added that the import of medicines in Yemen until the end of 2020 decreased to 40%, while the average need increased to 200% and sometimes to 500% for some medicines.

He pointed out that the blockade halted the activity of 82 importers, resulting in 1,329 medicinal brands being lost, and 16 foreign pharmaceutical companies were suspended, causing the lack of 556 medicinal brands as well.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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