Yemeni official: The security chaos and economic collapse in the occupied governorates reflect the agenda of the forces of aggression

The governor of Aden, Tariq Salam, said that security chaos and economic collapse that are happening in Aden and the occupied governorates are an embodiment of the agenda of the forces of aggression aimed at the absence of security and stability and increasing the suffering of people

Salam explained that the Emirati-Saudi agenda is competing in the southern cities to share influence and perpetuate fighting and conflict between agents, indicating that corruption is a systematic work in the southern cities by the forces of invasion and occupation.

He pointed out that printing the currency without any cover caused the riyal to collapse in front of foreign currencies, and this is a systematic policy to deepen the economic crisis and distract people from the priority of confronting the occupation projects.

He added, “Each of the mercenary parties blames the other for the deterioration of services and the deterioration of living conditions in the south, while the enemy is preoccupied with perpetuating its presence and realizing its ambitions.”

The governor of Aden stressed that defending our land, independence and dignity is a legitimate right, and this is the common denominator around which people must rally.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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