66 Operations by the missile force and the air force and the clearance of 100 square kilometers during “The Clear Victory” operation

Today, Thursday, the official spokesman of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, revealed the details of the “The Clear Victory” operation carried out by the army forces and the popular committees in the districts of Al-Zahir and Al-Soma’a in Al-Bayda governorate against “al-Qaeda and ISIS” individuals.

The Armed Forces Spokesperson explained in a press briefing that various units of our armed forces participated in the implementation of the operation, backed by the people of Al-Bayda governorate and its proud free tribes. He added that the units of the Air Force and the Missile Force carried out 66 operations, where the missile force carried out 9 operations with Badr and Sa`ir missiles.

Brigadier-General Saree confirmed that the air force carried out 40 targeting operations against the enemy forces and 17 reconnaissance and monitoring operations during the operation, explaining that our forces succeeded in targeting the sites of concentrations of takfiri individuals, and documented those operations with audio and video.

Brigadier-General Saree revealed that the operation led to the restoration of areas and the liberation of others in the districts of Al-Soma’a and Al-Zahir, with a total area of ​​100 square kilometers..It also led to the deaths of 350 dead and 560 injured Takfiris and mercenaries, while the rest of them fled towards the occupied areas.

Brigadier General Saree pointed out that our forces were able to destroy and damage 29 armored vehicles and tanksduring the operation.

In the press briefing, the Armed Forces spokesman explained that the enemy returned to activate the Takfiri groups from “ISIS” and “Al-Qaeda” after the armed forces achieved field achievements on various fronts. He added that the activation of the Takfiri groups comes within the American plans to target Yemen and hand it over to mercenaries and Takfiris.

He pointed out that the takfiri groups, through their activities and movements, tried to reach some areas of the districts of Al-Bayda governorate, stressing that the coalition of aggression supported the takfiris by providing them with weapons and logistical support and facilitating the entry of dozens of foreign takfiris to the targeted areas.

Brigadier Saree confirmed that the aggression warplanes launched more than 161 raids as part of its support for the Takfiri groups during the battle.

Brigadier-General Sare’e said, “The takfiri tools committed against citizens in some areas of al-Bayda with several crimes, including executions, and this imposed on the security services and armed forces the need to act.” He added that this battle once again proved to our dear people the reality of the takfiri individuals of “ISIS” and “Al-Qaeda” and their connection to the American project within the coalition of aggression.

He pointed out that the military, media and financial support for the takfiri groups during the last operation reveals that these groups are nothing but tools in the hands of the foreigner against our country. He explained that what was found of weapons in the various operations of the army, committees and security services against the takfiris confirms the extent of support from the coalition of aggression for ISIS and Al-Qaeda.”

Brigadier Saree also confirmed that the competent authorities have information on the movements of the takfiri individuals in the occupied areas, including the movements and activities in the city of Marib and other areas.

The spokesman of the armed forces valued all the people of Al-Bayda governorate and its free and proud tribes for their continuous cooperation and standing with their country and people and their permanent victory for their morals, religion and originality. He pointed out that the free people of Al-Bayda refuse to make some of their areas an arena for embracing ISIS and Al-Qaeda individuals and a starting point for targeting citizens and implementing the foreign agenda.

Brigadier-General Saree confirmed that the armed forces are proceeding with determination to perform their duty towards the sons of Al-Bayda to thwart the plans aimed at re-converting them to be a nest for these criminal gangs.

Brigadier Saree praised the honorable national stance of the various Yemeni tribes, which expressed their willingness to support their brothers in Al-Bayda and its proud tribes to confront these plans.

The spokesman addressed the forces of aggression, saying, “During 7 years, the forces of aggression used all military, security and economic options, and they found nothing but steadfastness and defiance from this people. With these faithful and steadfast people with God’s help, the fate of the aggression will be nothing but failure and defeat.”

قد يعجبك ايضا
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