Haradh Local Authority: the aggression destroyed 85% of the city of Haradh

A source in the local authority of Haradh district of Hajjah governorate said that the old city of Haradh was destroyed by the aggression’s warplanes and artillery, while 85% of the city’s houses were destroyed in general.

The source explained, in a press statement that the city of Haradh has been bombed with more than 15,000 rockets, shells and bombs that have fallen on its neighborhoods and facilities since the start of the war, pointing out that the residents of the city were completely displaced to a number of camps and neighboring districts.

“More than 70 facilities were completely destroyed in the city of Haradh, most of them are tourist facilities consisting of hotels, rest houses and others, while 50 schools were completely destroyed out of a total of 63 schools, the rest of which were partially destroyed, depriving thousands of students of education,” the source said.

The source also noted that the coalition completely destroyed the old city of Haradh with air strikes and artillery shells, while 85 percent of citizens’ homes in the city were destroyed in general, in addition to targeting shops, private hospitals, roads and everything related to life in the city.

He pointed out that the cities of Haradh and Medi need to remove the buildings as a first stage and then rebuild them again according to engineers recommendations.

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