Ministry of Foreign Affairs Expresses Concern About Delayed Arrival of Maintenance Team of Safer Tanker

Deputy Foreign Minister, Hussein al-Ezzi , expressed concern about the Safer oil tanker and the delay in the arrival of the UN emergency maintenance and comprehensive evaluation team under the agreed framework.

“Since 2016, the insistence on preventing the entry of gasoline for the Tanker despite our constant and continuing appeals increased our concern,”  al-Ezzi said on Sunday.

“The indifference we are witnessing now to the pollution that has been inflicted on the coasts of Aden is regrettable and we fear that there is a systematic trend to harm our waters,” al-Ezzi added.

“The world is aware of the large restrictions imposed on Sana’a, which, “through its local experts” can carry out maintenance without the need for anyone without preventing the entry of gasoline and the necessary equipment,” he explained.

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