The Interior Ministry condemns the aggression ‘s deliberate destruction of the marine environment

The Ministry condemned the systematic destruction of the marine environment in Yemeni territorial waters by the forces of aggression and its mercenaries, including the recent pollution of the coasts of Aden governorate and the destruction of marine life in a large part of the territorial waters as a result of the sinking of a dilapidated oil tanker that had been anchoring in the port of Aden for a long time. The ship is called “Luminance” and the oils and chemicals that was on its board were leaked .

The Ministry of the Interior indicated that the report of the Coast Guard Authority confirms the knowledge of the occupation and its mercenaries that the ship is dilapidated and poses a real danger to the environment, marine life and navigational movement.It was prohibited from docking in all ports for long that ended with its drowning, the leakage of its cargo, and the polluting of the coasts of the governorate in a crime – it is clear – that it was committed premeditatedly and deliberately.

The statement held the forces of aggression and their mercenaries fully responsible for all damages caused by the sinking of the aforementioned ship and the leakage of its cargo.

تليقرام انصار الله
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