The liberation of 390 square kilometres in the “al-Nasr al-Mubin” operation in al-Bayda

The Spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie’, announced on Saturday that the operation “al-Nasr al-Mubin” in its second phase led to the liberation of the districts of Na’man and Nata’a in al-Bayda province, with an area of ​​390 square kilometres.

Sarie’ said in a press briefing today that the second phase of the operation, which began on July 20 and lasted for several days, achieved all its objectives, foremost of which is the liberation of other areas of al-Bayda, inflicting heavy losses on “the Takfiri gangs of the so-called ISIS and Al-Qaeda.”

He confirmed the killing of 160 Takfiri elements, wounding more than 200, and capturing dozens of them during the second phase of the operation, in addition to damaging and burning dozens of vehicles and armored vehicles and seizing various quantities of weapons.

Sarie’ indicated that the districts of al-Souma’a, Al-Zahir, Na’man and Nata’a were liberated during the two phases of the operation, and the total area liberated during the two phases amounts to 500 square kilometres.

Sarie’ confirmed that the losses of the Takfiri gangs amounted to 510 dead and 760 injured during the two phases of the operation, which the various units of the armed forces participated in its implementation.

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