Dhamar: The Tender Committee approves the announcement of nine projects cost 465 million riyals

The Tender Committee in Dhamar governorate decided, in its meeting, headed by Governor Mohammed Nasser al-Bukhiti, to announce tenders for nine projects in the sectors of public works, roads, education, health, traffic, hygiene, and improvement, at an estimated cost of 465 million riyals with local funding.


The tenders included projects maintenance of excavations in the internal asphalt streets in the city of Dhamar, a project for the production and restoration of 1500 school seats, and the implementation of the Psychiatric Center.


It also included fencing the sites of five schools in the city of Dhamar, purchasing and supplying equipment for the Cleaning and Improvement Fund, maintaining and rehabilitating local authority equipment, and implementing a traffic diversions project to reduce congestion and backfill streets in the northern neighborhoods of Dhamar.


During the meeting, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Local Council, Mujahid Shaif Al-Ansi, governor al-Bukhiti stressed the importance of concerted efforts in implementing projects and mitigating the damage caused to roads due to torrential rains and floods.


He also stressed the necessity of carrying out maintenance work for asphalt roads, removing bumps, and making directional signs.


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