Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance “There are four banks subject to aggression”

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Ahmed Hajar explained that there is no monetary policy in the southern cities and there is no single central bank that manages this policy, but rather there are four banks that are subject to the policy of the forces of aggression and are affected by the variations of mercenaries.

Ahmed Hajar told Al Masirah TV, “In order for the forces of aggression to get rid of their financial burdens to their mercenaries , they try to print more banknotes, and the mercenary leaders use this to speculate in the currency and accumulate investments in their balances abroad.”

He pointed out that the customer government’s cash liquidity is twice what the local market needs, and the forces of aggression aim to withdraw foreign exchange from free cities.

He stressed that to prevent the currency deterioration in the free cities under the control of the Supreme Political Council, and to limit the rise in the prices of goods and services, it is necessary to tighten control over the entry of counterfeit currency.

He pointed out that the largest goods come from the occupied areas and raising the price of the customs dollar will increase the suffering of the citizens in return for increasing the revenues of the mercenary government from the local currency to speculate with it in the currency.

He cautioned that the economic war will remain as a tool at the hands of the forces of aggression, and a monetary policy with an independent financial economy must be found, stressing the importance of cooperation between official authorities and the private sector.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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