Brigadier-General Sare’e announces the armed forces’ control over the strategic oqbah al-qanda’a in Al-Bayda

Today, Tuesday, the Armed Forces Spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, confirmed that the armed forces managed, with God’s help, to control the strategic oqbah al-qanda’a in Numan District in Al-Bayda governorate.

Brigadier Saree explained that the armed forces were able to control it, as well as the strategic al-qana’a network overlooking Abdiya and Murad fronts in Marib governorate.

Brigadier-General Saree explained that this victory deterred the individuals of Takfiri from al-Qaeda and ISIS and those behind them from the forces of aggression from Saudi, Emirati and American.He pointed out that the armed forces were able to clear hundreds of kilometers during the four days of Operation Victory shown in its second phase.

Brigadier-General Saree said: The Yemeni army and the popular committees are overlooking Bayhan district from all sides and it has come under their fire range, and progress continues until the last inch of this country is purified.

He added that their morale is high and that they are ready to continue until the liberation of all lands.

This came during an inspection visit by the official spokesman of the armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, to the army and the popular committees on Nata and Numan fronts in Al-Bayda governorate, after purifying them from the taint of terrorist and mercenary gangs during The Clear Victory operation in its second phase.

During the visit, Brigadier General Saree’ listened to clarifications about the nature and progress of the combat operations and the map of the operational deployment of forces. He praised the patriotic stances and the honorable heroic victories achieved by the army and the popular committees on Al-Bayda fronts, which culminated in a resounding victory against the mercenaries of aggression and the individuals of al-Qaeda and ISIS in the two districts of Numan and Nata’a in the second operation of the Operation.

The official spokesman of the Armed Forces praised the popular stances in support of the army and the popular committees, which contributed to the liberation of large areas during the operation shown in the first and second operations.

Brigadier General Saree’ also saluted the patriotic stances of the proud sheikhs and tribes who stand by their homeland and support the armed forces, security and popular committees in the face of the invaders and aggressors.

Brigadier Saree renewed his call for those who remained deceived and who are still standing in the side of the aggression to return to the national row and benefit from the general amnesty decision and leave the invaders and occupiers to face their inevitable fate at the hands of the stationed army and popular committees backed by the free tribes from various regions and governorates along the map of the Republic of Yemen .

In addition, Brigadier General Saree inspected the sites of the heroic fighters in the network overlooking Abdiya and Murad. He stressed that the battle continues as long as the aggression and siege continues, and that the armed forces have open options and surprises that the enemy did not expect.

Brigadier General Saree also praised the national roles of the sheikhs and tribes of Murad and Al-Abdiyyah, the free ones who reject the aggression and who stand by their homeland and people.

On the 13th of the previous year, the armed forces carried out The Clear Victory Operation , by the grace of God, they were able to recover all the areas that the enemy had occupied, as well as liberate large areas in the directorates of (Al-Zahir and Al-Soma’a) in Al-Bayda governorate.They, in addition ,seized large quantities of weapons and equipment, killing and wounding hundreds of takfiri gangs, the so-called al-Qaeda and ISIS.

On the 31st of last July, the official spokesman of the Armed Forces announced the results of the second phase of the operation , stressing that the army and the popular committees were able to purify the districts of Numan and Nata’a in Al-Bayda governorate with a total area estimated at more than 390 square kilometers.

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