Minister of Transport: Hodeidah port is ready to receive ships without the need for United Nations promises

The Minister of Transport, Major General Amer Al-Marani, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the port of Hodeidah is ready to receive all ships and containers without the need for United Nations promises to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.

The Minister of Transport told Al Masirah TV: We do not count on the United Nations, which claimed its intention to transfer our proposal to the mercenaries and the countries of aggression. He added that, in his meeting with the United Nations representative in Yemen, he demanded that the freight be transferred to the port of Hodeidah to facilitate the process of transporting foodstuffs to the citizens.

He explained that the rise in food prices is due to the high costs of sea freight and transportation from the ports of Aden.He added that “the rise in food and commodity prices comes due to the high exchange rate of the customs dollar imposed by the mercenaries in Aden.”

He added that the Ministry of Transport provided facilities to help traders transport foodstuffs to the port of Hodeidah, stressing his rejection of the mercenaries imposing the customs dollar on citizens and traders.

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