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Ministry of Health: The aggression caused a doubling of the number of liver patients

The US-Saudi aggression and blockade had doubled the number of people with liver disease to more than 12 per cent of the population of Yemen, more than 2 million people, the Minister of Public Health and Population said on Thursday.

Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel, in his speech during the inauguration of a scientific conference on the World Hepatitis Day, indicated that the aggression coalition , by tightening the siege, prevented the entry of necessary medicine for liver patients, especially albumin and the necessary medical devices.

The Minister of Health pointed out that the closure of Sana’a International Airport means the continued death of tens of thousands of Yemeni patients who urgently need a liver transplant abroad.

He noted that there will be a specialized center for liver transplantation in Yemen, and it will see the light soon, despite the great difficulties imposed by the aggression and siege.

The health minister said the closure of Sanaa International Airport means that tens of thousands of Yemeni patients in urgent need of liver transplants abroad continue to die.

In his part, Mansour Al Amrani, president of the scientific conference, said the conference aims to provide researchers and studies to help solve most of the problems suffered by liver patients, explaining that the conference includes 13 scientific papers provided by doctors specializing in the field of liver.

Dr. Mujahid Ma’asar, president of the Medical Council, said in a speech that there are many prominent Yemeni liver cadres who will do more if a specialized liver transplant center is opened in Yemen.

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