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Aggression warplanes launch raids on Marib, Sa’ada, al-Jawf, and 137 violations in Hodeidah

On Friday, the US-Saudi aggression continued to target several Yemeni governorates with many air raids, while the Saudi army targeted the border areas, which led to casualties. As well as the mercenaries of the aggression committed violations of the truce agreement on the Hodeidah fronts.

A security source said that the aggression launched 5 raids on Rahba district and three raids on Serwah district in Ma’rib governorate.

In Saada, the aggression’s warplanes launched 4 raids on the Al-Far’a area in Ketaf district and a raid on the Al-Zaher district, this comes at a time when the Saudi army targeted citizens in the Shada border district with heavy weapons and machine guns, which led to the death of a citizen and the injury of five others to varying degrees.

The aggression launched two raids on the Khanjar area in the Khub Wal Sha`af district, al-Jawf governorate.

The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room, which monitors violations of the Stockholm Agreement and Ceasefire in Hodeidah, reported 137 violations staged by US-Saudi forces and mercenaries during the past 24 hours.

The source pointed out that the violations included The developing new fortifications in Al-Jabalyah, At-Tuhayta and Al-Jah ,the two raids with spy drones in Al-Jabalyah and the flying of spy drones over several areas.

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