Yemeni official: The United Nations bears full responsibility for the blockade imposed on the port

The Director General of Hodeidah Port Customs, Abdullah Muhammad Habib, stressed today, Saturday, that the United Nations must bear all responsibility and is solely responsible for the blockade imposed on the port of Hodeidah.

Abdullah Habib explained to Al-Masirah that all transport and cargo ships have shifted from the port of Hodeidah to the port of Aden due to the blockade, while the port of Hodeidah can accommodate all types of ships.

He stressed that merchants should pressure the shipping companies to take advantage of the reduction in customs tariffs in the port of Hodeidah, pointing out that the facilities in Hodeidah port do not exist in any other port.

He pointed out that the customs authorities in Sana’a have used a new system that authorizes merchants to use it via the Internet.

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