Scenes of the wreckage of the American spy plane “Scan Eagle” that was shot down in Marib

Today, Saturday, the military media of the army and the popular committees released scenes of the wreckage of the American spy plane “Scan Eagle”, which was shot down in Mudaghl district in Ma’rib governorate.

The spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, announced this morning that the air defenses managed to shoot down an American spy plane, “Scan Eagle”, after it was targeted by a surface-to-air missile while carrying out hostile operations over Mudaghl district.

It is noteworthy that the air defenses of the army and the popular committees have been able to shoot down a number of American planes of the same type since the beginning of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression on March 26, 2015. In the past years, various types of modern drones belonging to the aggression, combat and spying, have also been shot down, as well as warplanes. And the helicopter, which confirms that the process of developing Yemeni defenses is gaining high and very important experiences with the passage of time.

It is noteworthy that the “Scan Eagle” aircraft is produced by the “Incito” company, a subsidiary of the American “Boeing” company, and has modern specifications, as its weight ranges between 14-18 kg, and it can transport 3.4 kg of payload, and its speed is 148 km per hour. It can fly in the air for 24 hours at an altitude of 5950 meters, and according to some sources, its price is more than 11.2 million dollars.

The aircraft is characterized by high efficiency in performing tasks under difficult conditions and high temperatures, and is used for reconnaissance missions over the seas as well, and is equipped with modern systems for monitoring, reconnaissance, accurate imaging and mapping.

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