Western Train of Apologism on the Roll as Afghanistan Welters in Pain

The United States and its Western allies start unleashing a self-serving litany of apology after their decades-old stay in Afghanistan failed to secure the country against the Taliban’s violence or renewal of the militants rule.

“We have to be honest, our mission in Afghanistan made many missteps over the past two decades,” Biden said on Monday.

“I’m now the fourth American president to preside over war in Afghanistan,” he added.

He was unfurling the history of the US’s 2001-present ‘war-on-terror’-justified military and political interference in the Central Asian country.

The invasion momentarily toppled the Taliban, but the group rallied and for years was present in the biggest part of the Afghan soil.

Over the past several month, it began an exceptionally forceful operation to renew its rule, and established its control over most of Afghanistan’s provinces before riding into the presidential palace in Kabul on Monday.

Biden added, “Two Democrats and two Republicans. I will not pass this responsibility on to a fifth president. I will not mislead the American people by claiming that just a little more time in Afghanistan will make all the difference.”

He was apparently trying to reinforce his excuse for a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden made the same promise in April, and acted on it, only to help the Taliban build on their territorial gains.

Germany, the US’s age-old partner in the invasion, joined the discourse by admitting “misjudgment of the situation in Afghanistan.”

Foreign Minister Haiko Maas alleged that the allies had failed to assess the pending speed of the Afghan army’s surrender in the face of the militants.

The US and its allies’ military and political abandonment of the beleaguered nation is not the only area, where they face criticism over their attitude towards it.

They have also been asked time and again how come their two decades of allegedly training the Afghan security forces did not help Afghanistan to even slow down the militants’ advances.

Source: Press TV

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