A project to plant 25,000 diverse seedlings launched in Ibb

A project initiative to plant (25) thousand diverse seedlings of berries, almonds, pomegranates, apricots, and ornamental trees was launched in Jabal Hamis, Yarim district, Ibb governorate, on Friday.

During the inauguration, which was implemented in cooperation with the Bunyan Development Foundation and the Agricultural Committee in Yarim, the first deputy governor of the governorate, head of the Agricultural Committee, Abdul Hamid al-Shahri, explained that the implementation of such joint initiatives between society, relevant authorities, and civil society organizations create awareness and contributes a lot to achieving sustainable development.

The inauguration was attended by the Director-General of Yarim district, Chairman of the Agricultural Committee, Nasser al-Omari, Mansour Ghadeer, and Dr. Mujahid Mansour Ahmed from the Bunyan Foundation, and Director of the Agriculture Office in Yarim Abdul Qawi Al-Salmi.

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