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Security forces in Taiz seized Over 42 million and 796 thousand YR of illegal currency

Security forces in Taiz province seized more than 42 million riyals of illegal currency banned from circulation while trying to bring it into Taiz province.

According to the security sources, the security services seized 42.796 million riyals of illegal currency in the possession of people from the occupied Aden province who tried to smuggle it into Taiz province.

They explained that this amount is a total amount seized in separate operations between August 14 to 21, indicating that the seized banknotes were as follows: 11 million, 886 thousand, and 700 riyals, of illegal currency that was printed by the aggression to harm the national economy.

One million and 354 thousand riyals, in the denomination of one thousand riyals, coded “D”, which the mercenaries of the aggression forged to destroy the national currency.

29 million and 555 thousand and 500 riyals of the national currency, and it was seized during its entry into the free zones in ways that violate the decision of the Central Bank, which prevents people coming from the occupied areas from carrying more than 100,000 riyals.

The same sources noted all the amounts were seized, registered and handed over to the competent authorities in accordance with the legal procedures.

They stressed that the security personnel will not allow any attempt to harm the national economy and prevent the disastrous actions taken by mercenaries to increase the suffering of citizens to serve the US-Saudi aggression.

تليقرام انصار الله
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