YPC: Only 4% of the actual need for oil derivatives reached the port of Hodeidah

The Director General of the Hodeidah Petolem Company, Adnan Mohammed al-Jarmozi, said, on Saturday, that the actual need for oil derivatives during the year ranges between one million and 360 thousand tons for gasoline and one million and 540 thousand tons for diesel. 

Al-Jarmuzy added that 57,982 tons of diesel reached the oil facilities in Hodeidah, which does not cover more than 7% of the actual need.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Mohammed Abu Bakr Ishaq, explained that the aggression’s continued seizing of oil derivatives ships has deepened the siege of the Yemeni people, pointing out that we are at the beginning of an academic year and our children are suffering from power outages as a result of the aggression’s piracy on fuel ships.

For his part, the Director of Resources at the Oil Company in Hodeidah, Hayel Qatshi, confirmed that there are 5 ships detained, including two ships loaded with gasoline, one diesel and two loaded with domestic gas, equivalent to 106,999 tons of fuel.

He added that the maximum detention period for oil derivatives ships has reached more than 260 days, indicating that all cargoes of oil derivatives ships seized by the aggression are for public consumption and bear United Nations permits.

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