Security forces in Al-Bayda seize quantities of weapons and mines

Today, Monday, the security services in Al-Bayda governorate managed to seize quantities of weapons and mines in two separate security operations.

A security source explained that the first operation revealed a warehouse for storing weapons in one of the mosques in Habj area in Al-Zahir district of Al-Bayda governorate, while the second operation consisted of finding 104 landmines hidden in the house of Ahmed Ali Al-Hajj Al-Burmani, one of the takfiri leaders in Al-Burman area of ​​Al-Zahir district.

The security source added that the two security operations were carried out in cooperation with the honorable people of the region, who had the most prominent role in achieving the achievement. It explained that the takfiri elements were preparing to target the citizens, the army and the popular committees, had it not been for the vigilance of the security services, which prevented those groups from completing their plans.

The source stressed that the security and stability of the governorate is a red line and that the security services will not allow it to be destabilized or prejudiced, regardless of the sacrifices.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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