Commenting on what was stated in the Security Council, the Supreme Economic Council calls for the speedy implementation of the recommendations regarding Hodeidah port ,Sanaa airport

The Supreme Economic Committee followed up on the Security Council session, which was held yesterday evening, and was devoted to discusse the economic situation in Yemen, and witnessed a number of interventions that need seriousness and intentions to turn them into practical reality.

Since a number of members of the Security Council and representatives of United Nations organizations confirmed, during the session, the existence of the blockade imposed on Yemen, and all of them called for lifting the restrictions imposed on the ports of Hodeidah and lifting the ban imposed on Sana’a airport. The Supreme Economic Committee calls for speedy implementation on the ground to alleviate the human suffering experienced by the Yemeni people since the start of the American-Saudi aggression, and it has escalated in an unprecedented way in the world during the recent period.

Regarding what the Executive Director of UNICEF Henrietta Fore expressed during the session about the organization’s readiness to work with all parties to pay the salaries of state employees, the committee confirmed its readiness to work immediately with UNICEF or others for everything that leads to the neutralization of the economic aspect, and in the forefront is the payment of state employees’ salaries.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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