Deputy Prime Minister Makbouli inaugurates the resumption of the activity of the Technical Center for Training and Electrical Manufacturing

Today, Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister for Development Affairs, Mr. Hussein Makbouli, launched the reactivation of the activities of the Technical Center for Training and Manufacturing of the Ministry of Electricity after it was suspended for years due to the aggression and the siege.

Mr. Maqboli opened new laboratories and departments at the center, including the smelting plant, fuses and concrete columns, and the renewable energy department as part of the center’s expansion strategy.

Maqboli praised the efforts of the Center in providing the needs of the Electricity Corporation and the labor market from the requirements of the electrical network, which are equipped with advanced capabilities, noting the role of the Ministry of Electricity and its adoption of a plan for self-sufficiency and the provision of electricity requirements with a local industry.

He directed the Ministry of Electricity to activate the training department at the center to rehabilitate and train the institution’s cadres and students of electrical specialties and the labor market.

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