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YPC: UN continues to mislead public opinion by completely ignoring the blockade on Yemen

Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) confirmed that UN continues to mislead public opinion by talking about human suffering and the acute shortage of fuel supplies, without referring to its causes represented by the blockade and maritime piracy on fuel ships by the Saudi-led forces.

The company commented, Wednesday, on what was stated in the Security Council session on August 23, saying: UN continues to mislead public opinion by focusing on the repercussions and results of the blockade while completely ignoring the blockade by US-Saudi Forces as one of the most important causes of the exacerbation of the humanitarian crisis.

It pointed out that since the beginning of the year until today, US-Saudi aggression has released only 3 ships, for public consumption, and represent only 3% of needed gasoline and 6% of diesel.

The company stated that fines for demurrage on the three released ships amounted to $10,240,000, which is precisely one of the most important factors that make fuel very expensive.

The YPC denied the allegations regarding claims that one of the ships left for crowded ports in Hodeidah.

It indicated that forces of the US-Saudi aggression coalition are still holding 4 oil ships, including two ships carrying gas, one carrying gasoline, and another carrying diesel, all for public consumption.

It stated that fines for delaying these ships until today amounted to 6,509,000 US dollars, which can be increased with the length of the detention period, all of which are authorized by United Nations and an inspector.

The YPC renewed its call to all the free people of the world at home and abroad to continue to put pressure on the coalition of aggression, led by America, to stop using the weapon of siege and starvation and to desist from piracy.

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