Yemeni official holds the aggression, its mercenaries, Aden refineries responsible for dumping the market with polluted fuel

The Executive Director of the Oil Company, Ammar Al-Adrai, explained today, Friday, that the branches of the oil company cannot carry out their tasks and duties in the occupied governorates, as a result of the interference of the mercenary authorities in their work. They confirmed that the oil materials in Aden are examined by Aden refineries, and there is an imbalance in the supply process in the occupied cities.

Ammar Al-Adrai confirmed to the march that the government of mercenaries, Aden refineries, and behind them the coalition of aggression bear full responsibility for the damage caused to citizens as a result of dumping polluted fuel on the market.He added that we have in the port of Hodeidah a central laboratory equipped with all technical devices to examine the oil, and we have previously prepared more than one fuel vessel for not conformance to the specifications.

Al-Adhra’i added, “In the land ports, we have mobile laboratories to examine every quantity of oil that reaches us, even though it covers only a small percentage of the market’s needs, and any non-conforming quantity is seized and the necessary measures are taken against it.”

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