Six containers of mosquito nets, brought in by the World Health Organization from the aggression countries of the in illegal ways, arrested

The security services in the port of Hodeidah seized six containers of mosquito nets brought in by the World Health Organization from the so-called “King Salman Center”.

The director of the Supreme Council for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs branch in Hodeidah, Jaber Al-Razhi, explained that the shipment violated the permits submitted to it, stressing that it had been rejected.

He condemned the misleading measures taken by the World Health Organization to bring in a shipment of mosquito nets to people killed by Saudi missiles, planes and battleships, stressing that whoever kills children and women in Yemen and prevents them fom food and medicine cannot provide any help to save their lives.

The director of the council branch called on the World Health Organization to quickly return the shipment unless the necessary measures are taken to destroy it. He called on the organization to apologize officially to the Yemeni people and the government for this behavior.

He praised the vigilance of the security of Hodeidah port in seizing these materials and other damaged and prohibited aid through which the countries of aggression are seeking to pass their hostile plans under the name of helping the Yemeni people.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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