Report: US Troops Opened Fire into Crowd after Kabul Airport Blasts

US troops opened fire into the crowd of people at the scene of a bombing attack at the Kabul airport on Thursday, reportedly fearing another blast, witnesses have told RT.

Eyewitnesses who survived the bomb attack told the Russian news channel on Monday that the US troops at the scene opened fire at people as they ran away amid the chaos.

During the Thursday attack, two bombs were detonated near the Kabul airport as scores of people trying to leave Afghanistan had crowded around one of the airport’s main access gates. The attacks, claimed by Daesh, killed as many as 170 people, including 13 US troops.

Other US troops “opened fire to protect themselves because they feared another explosion,” Rahmana Akbari, who survived the blasts with injuries, told RT.

“After the explosion, I ran and many other people also ran. I did not see who was shooting,” she said. “I ran out into the street and heard both gunfire and the sound of an explosion.”

However, Akbari, whose brother was also injured in the incident, said that the sound of the gunfire was coming from the side of the US troops.

“I’m not sure if my brother was hit by an American bullet or a fragment from an explosive device,” she said. “The Americans were on that side, I myself was in the ditch, just below from where the blast took place.”

Source: Press TV

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