Yemeni provinces organize events to mark the martyrdom of Imam Zaid

Event were held in the Imam al-Hadi Mosque in Saada governorate today, Wednesday, in memory of the martyrdom of Imam Zaid bin Ali, peace be upon them, under the slogan “whoever loves life lives humiliatedly.”

The events dealt with the biography of Imam Zaid and his virtues, lessons afrom his revolution, its goals and the contents of his message that addressed the religious people.

Yemeni officials and religious people touched on the emergence of Imam Zayd and the strength of faith and piety that distinguished him and his association with the Holy Qur’an until he was characterized as an ally of Qur’an.

They considered Imam Zaid a school of cultural movement among the nation and correcting misconceptions.They called for imitating his approach and morals and moving in defense of the nation, its identity and creed.

While cultural activists reviewed the stage in which he moved, and the purposes of his revolution in raising awareness and breaking the state of stagnation and subservience that the tyrants want to dominate the nation.

They pointed to the danger of lack of awareness and its impact on misleading people and facilitating the domination of the arrogant over the nation. They called for taking lessons from his revolution in correcting concepts, reviving the nation, and moving to confront tyrants and oppressors.

The events were attended by a group of scholars, officials and employees .

قد يعجبك ايضا
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