Yemeni official to the UN mission “The recruitment of takfiri individuals and weapons through Mocha port of destabilizes the security of maritime navigation”

The head of the National Redeployment Team, Major General Ali Hammoud Al-Mushki, met today at the port of Hodeidah, the head of the United Nations Mission to Support Hodeidah Agreement, General Abhijit Koha.

In the meeting, which included members of the national team, aspects related to the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement were discussed during the other party’s evasion of its obligations according to the agreement.

Major General Al-Mushki reviewed the provocative actions of the forces of aggression and their continuous violations of the terms of the agreement by bombing neighborhoods and residential areas, creating fortifications and digging combat trenches.

He noted the danger of that the aggression forces brought Takfiri individuals affiliated with the so-called Islamic State through the port of Mocha for using it as an access point for various types of explosive devices weapons and mines, and its role in destabilizing the security of maritime navigation in the Red Sea.

Major General Al-Mushki called for fulfilling its obligations regarding the rehabilitation of the Salif and Ras Issa ports and the provision of electricity to the people of Hodeidah.

He expressed his regret over the statements of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, which are biased to the side of the forces of aggression, despite the killing, destruction and siege that our people have been suffering for over seven years, at a time when he should have adhered to the most important principles for which this international system was established, which is neutrality.

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