Aggression forces continue to seize 4 oil ships

The oil company confirmed, today Thursday, the aggression forces are still holding 4 oil ships, including two ships carrying gas.

The company explained in a statement that the forces of aggression are seizing two ships with a total tonnage of (59,707) tons of gasoline and diesel for varying periods, amounting to more than eight months “253” days of piracy for the currently detained ships.Despite the completion of all these ships for all examination procedures and auditing through the mechanism of the Verification and Inspection Mission in Djibouti (UNVIM) and obtaining the UN permits that confirm the conformity of the cargo to the conditions stipulated in the concept of the verification and inspection mechanism operations.

It stressed that these measures violate the relevant United Nations formations of the provisions of the International Convention on Human Rights, the rules of international humanitarian law and the law of armed conflict, and all applicable laws and norms. They also disregard permanently the essence and objectives of the Sweden Agreement, which stressed the need to facilitate the access of basic materials and humanitarian aid to Hodeidah port in a way that meets the needs and aspirations of the Yemeni people.

تليقرام انصار الله
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