Yemeni official: “Prisoner detention centers are open to the Red Cross, unlike the other side”

The head of the National Committee for Prisoners Affairs, Abdul Qader Al-Murtada, confirmed today, Monday, that their relationship with the Red Cross is good and they open all detention centers for their regular visits, and they have nothing to be afraid of. He added that the other side has so far refused to open its detention centers and prisons, which contain prisoners of the army and people’s committees in front of the Red Cross to hide its practices and violations against them.

Commenting on the recordings shown by Al Masirah TV about the prisoners of the forces of aggression, Al-Murtada explained that they have directives to deal with the prisoners as guests and provide them with all the necessary services despite the circumstances of the aggression and siege.He pointed out that the prisoners’ messages come from the tragic reality in which they live due to the abandonment of the other side and deny their participation in the fighting on the frontier fronts.

Al-Murtada said, “The Red Cross promised us to visit prisons and detention centers under the control of mercenaries, and we have not received any response from them so far, except for promises to re-attempt to persuade the mercenary government to open these prisons.”

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