Foreign Minister: US and British statements biased towards aggression and do not serve peace efforts

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the National Salvation Government , Mr. Hisham Sharaf, called on the American and British administrations to pressure the Saudi regime to immediately lift the siege on Sanaa International Airport and Yemeni ports.

Minister Sharaf said, in response to the statements of the US and British foreign ministers and their demand for an immediate cease-fire in Sana’a: “This speech is supposed to be addressed to the aggressors against Yemen, who continue to bombard it, impose a blockade on Yemeni ports and airports, and prevent the entry of ships of oil derivatives and medicines.”

He considered these statements an attempt to shuffle the cards in front of the world, and throw the ball into Sanaa’s court as if it were the aggressor and who started this unjust war.

The foreign minister made it clear that the attitudes of the American and British administrations, after each legitimate military response to Sanaa, do not consider the continuation of the Saudi attacks and the siege on Yemen. He added that their attitudes are considered as international political hypocrisy and to please the Saudi regime to continue buying weapons.

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