The Oil Minister inaugurates the replacement of 11,900 damaged household gas cylinders

Today, Tuesday, Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Abdullah Daris inaugurated the second phase of the Yemen Gas Company’s program to replace 11,900 damaged household gas cylinders with new cylinders in the capital and the governorates.

During the inauguration in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry, Nasser Al-Ajji, the Minister explained that as a result of the risks and problems caused by the damaged cylinders and the accumulation of millions of them, the Ministry and the company had to adopt a simple provision to replace a certain amount of the damaged gas cylinders.

He said: Today, the company is replacing 11,900 cylinders distributed in some governorates, according to what is commensurate with the amount of damaged cylinders.He pointed to the replacement of 19,000 cylinders during the last period, while the next phase will witness the replacement of about ten thousand to 20 thousand cylinders.

With regard to maintenance, the minister said that the role of the Yemeni factory has been activated to carry out maintenance work after its inauguration in an earlier period.Today he inaugurated the distribution directly to the citizen to replace damaged cylinders.

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