The fight against smuggling in Al-Bayda seizes 3 million counterfeit currency, 43 million illegal and smuggled goods

The Anti-Smuggling Unit of the Rescue Forces, Al-Bayda Governorate Branch, seized an amount of 3 million and 349 thousand riyals of counterfeit currency, denomination of one thousand riyals, encoding the letter “D”, and an amount of 4 million, 373 thousand and 200 riyals of illegal currency printed by the US-Saudi aggression coalition with the aim of harming the National economy.

A statistics issued by the Anti-Smuggling Unit in the governorate for the month of August stated that an amount of 43 million and 756 thousand riyals of the national currency was seized in violation of a circular issued by the Central Bank of Yemen for travelers not to carry more than 100,000 riyals to facilitate the investigation process and prevent the introduction of illegal currency and counterfeit.

The statistics stated that the governorate’s anti-smuggling unit seized, during August, 81,587 liters of smuggled diesel, 31,910 liters of smuggled gasoline, and 13,344 smuggled household gas cylinders.

The statistic included that the anti-smuggling unit in the governorate seized, during the same period, 388 packets of smuggled human medicines, 10,000 banned and smuggled contraceptives, 111 miscellaneous smuggled goods, two bags of smuggled external coffee, and 14 A carton of smuggled rat poison.

It also seized 5 smuggled cigarette cartons, 14,000 “ stationery” bags, “whale” type of prohibited tobacco, 5 smuggled assorted electronics cartons, 65 smuggled surveillance cameras, 21 smuggled mobile phones, 8 smuggled fingerprint devices, and two “casher” printers. smuggled smuggled, 3 smuggled rhino horn pieces, two smuggled summer shrubs and a smuggled juniper “medicine” bag.

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