The fight against smuggling in Taiz seizes a shipment of “Israeli” clothes coming from Aden

Taiz governorate Police and Customs destroyed a quantity of smuggled “Israeli” clothes.

The governorate police stated that the anti-smuggling unit of the Rescue Forces branch in the governorate seized a truck coming from the occupied governorate of Aden with a quantity of smuggled clothes on board while trying to bring it into the governorate of Taiz.After the truck was delivered to Al Rahda Customs Center, and during the inspection of the quantity for demarcation, it became clear that the truck was carrying more than 620 pieces of various “Israeli” clothing.

It indicated that the shipment of clothes was destroyed yesterday, Sunday, in the presence of security and local leaders and officials of the customs center.

During the destruction process, the attendees confirmed that allowing the occupation mercenaries to import goods from the Zionist enemy and bring them through the port of Aden reveals part of the normalization roles that the US-Saudi aggression tasked its mercenaries with, and comes in the context of the Saudi and Emirati regime’s attempts to market a culture of normalization with the Zionists in the region.

The security and local authority leaders also confirmed that they are continuing to prevent all attempts to smuggle and promote Zionist goods, pointing out that confronting these attempts is a religious and moral obligation, and a national duty.

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