US mobilization of its criminal individuals in Yemen.. exchanging roles or ruminating on failure?

It is no longer strange for the US threats to coincide with the movement of its criminal individuals, as happened recently in Al-Bayda. US’s relationship with the Takfiri groups has become axiomatic. The security services in Al-Bayda have previously revealed US logistical and military support for its Takfiri individuals (Al-Qaeda) after the Yemeni army and the popular committees managed to cleanse several areas, the most important of which is Dam Nam, Qeifa, and Wekla.Today, it is pushing its takfiri tools to open new fronts, thinking that it will relieve pressure on its tools in Marib Marib. So, does US seek to exchange roles between the Takfiri groups and the so-called National Army, or does the movement of Takfiri individuals in Al-Bayda come in a repetition of the US failure seven years ago from its criminal aggression against the Yemeni people?

US’s eye on Yemen

After the events of 9/11, the US’s eye was staring at the strategic and vital location of Yemen and its untapped wealth, which were being systematically looted whether by US directly or through the Saudi regime and its tools at home. Yemen was among the tops on the targeting lists, but as is America’s policy of making excuses and finding justifications, reports from the American intelligence institutes have reported that Yemen is a fertile environment for the spread of so-called (terrorism). US statements have, then, come out that classify Yemen as a failed state, and the goal is clear to find a cover for the spread of takfiri individuals in Yemen, and the American move will follow, considering that Yemen is unable to confront these groups, so US pretexts were completed to extend its control over all the state.

In 2007, i.e. at the height of the six wars on Saada governorate, a report was issued by the US Congress accusing the Yemeni authorities of not cooperating sufficiently with US regarding the events of Cole ship, which prompted the Yemeni authorities at the time to open Yemen wide to US interventions. Even the Yemeni army warehouses, US looted and destroyed the most important of them to make Yemen lose all the elements of its power so that it can be easily subjugated. Rather, it was able to transform the entire regime with its tools to achieve its goals. Therefore, it activated in terms of intelligence, and US planes invaded all of Yemen’s airspace, and the US ambassador turned into a de facto ruler who must knew and approved every decision without.

Socotra and old American greed

Some sources indicate that the US Army’s eye on the Yemeni island of Socotra is not a result of the moment, but rather since the end of World War II. In 1999, the island of Socotra was nominated to be a place for the United States of America to set up the electronic control system that it plans to set up… Yemeni opposition media outlets have talked about the Yemeni government’s approval to grant the US military the approval of establishing a seaport, as well as an air port in Socotra.

According to the opposition newspaper Al-Haq, the new civilian air port, which was built in Socotra with the aim of promoting tourism, was built with US military specifications.

According to the sources, the establishment of an American military base in Socotra is part of a broad operation to militarize the Indian Ocean, linking Socotra with the existing structures, as well as strengthening the main role of the American military base Diego Garcia in the Chagos Archipelago, which is far from the largest American military bases overseas, and 3000 km away from the Socotra archipelago.

The US geostrategist and naval man, Admiral Alfred Mahan, had pointed out before World War I that who dominates the Indian Ocean could be an important player on the international stage. Mahan’s writings focused on the strategic control of important sea routes by the United States of America.

This is what we see today in the Emirati tampering in Socotra and in the south in a way, but it is moving according to American orders, and we do not rule out that America has actually established spy centers in Socotra and pushed the Emirates to control Socotra with the aim of protecting the centers.

USalso tended to spread its intelligence elements called (Al-Qaeda) and they actually spread in Al-Bayda and Abyan, and we heard a lot during the past years about the “Aden and Abyan Army” affiliated with the Takfiri elements. In an unprecedented way, to support the US-Saudi coalition, the latest movements of these groups are what is happening today in Al-Bayda in terms of attacks on citizens by these takfiri groups and under the backing and support of the US-Saudi jets.

Al-Bayda is the base for the concentration of Takfiri groups

In 2012, during the quota government, various websites and media outlets reported that security officers and soldiers received explicit instructions to hand over their weapons and hand over Radaa Directorate’s security department to the so-called al-Qaeda individuals without any resistance, but rather to facilitate the task of them to control the security administration and the central prison.

The source added that the soldiers assigned to guard the checkpoints in Nimsan, located on Radaa to al-Bayda road, the army point ,located on Radaa to Dhamar road, and Najd point between Radaa and Qaifa, had received the same instructions to evacuate the points and hand them over to the individuals of the so-called al-Qaeda. Then, the soldiers responded to these suspicious orders while soldiers of Najd point resistied and tried to prevent these individuals from controlling the point, which led to the death of two people.

Takfiri groups are still present in some of the governorate’s directorates and used as a base for training their members and a launching pad for their attacks against the Yemeni people. These individuals are present on most fronts , under different names, and enjoy American, Saudi and Emirati support.

In light of the previous regime’s preoccupation with its wars on the province of Saada, US turned to support Al-Qaeda group . Al-Qaeda individuals began to lay off and have fun even at the middle of the capital. In fact, it carried out dozens of criminal operations in broad daylight, such as the bombing of the military parade in the seventies, the storming of the accidental hospital, the bombing of mosques and other criminal operations. Afash’s ,fromer Yemeni president,interview with the Washington Post and Time magazine in 2012, in which he said that his departure from power would mean the transfer of power to Al-Qaeda group, was only another episode of preparing the American public opinion for aggression against Yemen.

Then US announced on March 26, 2015 the start of “Al-Hazm storm” “and is still continuing its criminal aggression against Yemen with the help of its Takfiri Individuals, which it has deployed across Yemen since the events of September 11th.

Despite its ability to move, Al-Qaeda is in all Arab countries, except “Israel”

It is true that the general scene indicates that the conflict between American hegemony and its occupation of Arab and Islamic countries and its support for the Israeli entity, and the rejection of this hegemony, that al-Qaeda is hostile to this hegemony, and the conflict between them is connected. However, those who contemplate al-Qaeda’s operations and areas clearly see that it is taking Islamic countries as a major theater for these operations, so what is the harm to the American and Israeli interests that al-Qaeda pledged itself to confront? Al-Qaeda and the rest of the takfiri groups have been exposed and revealed their truth as a criminal tool of America and Israel in destroying the Islamic countries that reject American hegemony. We have seen this in Syria and how “Israel” logistically and militarily supported these criminal groups, these groups represented the role assigned to them with merit and their presence became anywhere justification for the US military presence. As long as these elements are present anywhere in the Arab lands, Washington claimed that it is the one who is confronting them.

This happened and is still happening in Yemen when Washington insisted on the existence of al-Qaeda, which justifies – as America sees it – for Washington, without Yemen’s permission or consultation with it, to strike its targets.But today it needs these elements to play other roles, which is the war on the side of the American mercenaries and the hired armies that plunge them into the aggression against Yemen .US is no longer embarrassed by being behind the establishment, financing and moving these groups from one Arab or Islamic country to another smoothly, but the road to Palestine is unknown to these criminal groups because their role is not in “Israel” but in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and wherever they are found America is actively opposing it in any country that sent these groups to carry out the required task in confronting those who oppose it.

US Losing Bets and Efforts

Prior to the American-Saudi aggression on Yemen, US had bet on great efforts it had made since 2004 and even before that date, and that any move towards the military occupation of Yemen would not cost it any effort. It was betting that a week at most is what it needs for its forces to occupy Sanaa, and it has launched the aggression from Washington to be the master of hegemony over Yemen. What US built upon its belief that Yemen would fall during the first weeks was not mere speculation, but was the result of those great efforts that US worked on. We mention the following:

Establishing a military and intelligence system

In 2003, US established the “Anti-Terrorism” unit, and these units received their training at the hands of the American Special Operations forces and the trainers of the British Royal Army. At first, the presence of these forces was limited to the camps located in the outskirts of Sana’a during the period that followed Yemen’s entry into the field of combating terrorism, after US and NATO announced their fight against al-Qaeda.US immediately built a military and intelligence system affiliated with it in Yemen, and among these systems are “National Security – Central Security – Anti-Terror Units – Republican Guard” .. As these systems received military and intelligence training by the Americans over the past years.

Successful deployment of al-Qaeda individuals in various Yemeni governorates

US was also able to spread its Takfiri individuals in the various governorates of the republic, even in the capital, Sana’a. A huge camp for these groups is in Wadi Abu Jbara in Saada governorate, in addition to Dammaj camp. Al-Qaeda also had a major role in carrying out bloody attacks against the sons of the Qur’anic march and its sympathizers, as happened in Sana’a during the days of the revolution and what is happening today in the recruitment of these groups to support the American-Saudi aggression after it failed In achieving his goals, all American bets and efforts foiled.
Dismantling the capabilities of the Yemeni army

US also intended to make Yemen lose its military capabilities by destroying the Yemeni army’s stores of weapons, getting rid of them and looting them under the pretext that they pose a threat to the American presence in Yemen. We have seen reports, photos and videos documenting America’s destruction of Yemeni missiles, mines, weapons, and all that America saw as an obstacle to the military occupation of Yemen. Even if it is just possibilities. And the matter did not stop at the looting of the security stores of the army and robbed it of its weapons, but rather it proceeded to assassinate and get rid of the effective Yemeni military capabilities.

Islah Party is a twin of the Takfiri individuals

Islah Party, like other Brotherhood movements, was supportive of American politics and was desperate to gain America’s approval, and its supreme goal was to reach power, whatever the costs. The Americans found in it an ally stronger than the ruling regime. After the revolution, it made great efforts in directing the revolution in favor of the American goals and containing them, in addition to that it reneged on all its pledges, and most of the effective components of the authorities were excluded, which prompted the Yemeni people to continue the revolution until it achieved victory. When the aggression against Yemen began, the reformists were the vanguard of the mercenaries inside, and they offered hundreds of thousands of the deceived Yemeni youth in the service of the American aggression and American goals, and they are still desperate on the military fronts to serve US and Al Saud regime, despite the insults they face, but they no longer have dignity, no religion, no honor, no pride. They have turned into hypocritical traitors who eat forbidden things and live on the blood of the oppressed from their countrymen.

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