The governor of Hajjah receives 8 freed prisoners and the bodies of two others

Today, Wednesday, the local authority in Hajjah governorate received 8 released prisoners and the bodies of two prisoners.

The prisoners were received: Gibran Ibrahim Al-Shahdi, Jamal Al-Din Saleh Al-Hakami, Haider Yahya Al-Salahi, Riad Ahmed Hajfa, Abdul Karim Muhammad Al-Maazi, Fouad Muhammad Hajfa, Muhammad Yahya Al-Sheikhi, and Yahya Hassan Al-Salmi.

The bodies of the two dead prisoners, Ayman and Taha Ali Hamoud Saleh Al-Radhi “Al-Maqhili”, were also received.

Governor Hilal Al-Sufi, during the reception, and with him, the Secretary-General of the local council in the governorate, Ismail Al-Muhaim, praised the sacrifices of the prisoners in fighting the forces of invasion and occupation.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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